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I'm loving .Net Core

I’ve been a web programmer all my professional life. Though I learned Java in school, I see now that I’ve always worked with languages having the lowest level of entry. This means I’m really good with Javascript and PHP, as they have arguably been the easiest languages to use for web development over the last decade and a half. For developing anything server-side, PHP has always suited my needs. Great packages can be found all...

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How to build a staging server with Docker, Jenkins and Traefik

This first page of the guide is dedicated to explaining the rationale behind this setup. You may skip ahead to the actual implementation if you don’t need this information. Background Over the past months, I have been promoting DevOps culture at Mutation. For some time now, our projects have both been built and distributed using Deploybot’s platform. While it worked reasonably well enough to get us going at the beginning, we outgrew Deploybot as our...

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Tip of the hat to Digital Ocean

This week, I woke up to this nice surprise in my inbox: Thanks, Digital Ocean! For the purpose of messing around, but also for hosting the currently incomplete The Music Tank, I have been keeping a cheapest Digital Ocean droplet online for some time now. At 5$ a month, I have a Linux box that fully satisfied my needs. The surprise is that starting this week, for the same price, Digital Ocean has increased my...

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Please complain correctly

As of late, I have been learning how to reconfigure and port my web-based projects over to Docker developing on a Windows machine. This journey, which is still not over, brought me along frustrating dead ends, to poorly documented blog posts, and gave me elating epiphanies when they finally deign come. This post is not about that journey. While I was reading around, thoroughly digging for articles explaining ways of installing Docker on Windows or...

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CSS: Tell, don't describe

Writing an article which illustrates my take on Atomic CSS helped me put words on how I feel CSS should be written and maintained. My preferred method of writing styles is neither purely functional or component-based. The method I would like to propose is closer to how back-end code is handled. There is an Object Oriented programming approach called Tell don’t ask. At its core it can be surmised as follows: Rather than asking an...

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